Dig Pink Breast Cancer Recognition
Do you know someone affected by breast cancer? This year, the Charlotte 49ers volleyball team wants to recognize all those affected by breast cancer at their annual Dig Pink match. Dig Pink is an organization for breast cancer awareness, started by the Side-Out Foundation. The Charlotte 49ers volleyball team is very passionate about this cause. Last year, the team raised $11,800 for Dig Pink and was #1 in the nation for funds raised. Always striving to make their event bigger and better, the team wants to recognize all those affected by breast cancer. All you have to do is submit their name and it will be displayed on a pink balloon in Halton Arena during the game. You can add a special message to be shown on the balloon as well. If you like, you can take the balloon home with you after the match. The match is on Thursday, October 11 at 7pm vs. Butler. If you have any questions about Dig Pink or volleyball, please contact Kelli Eklund at keklund1@uncc.edu or 704.687.0407.

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