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49ers spring practice concludes this week with Saturday's Green-White...
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The whistle blows across the practice fields to signal the start of practice.  The spring practice season is winding down and Saturday's Green-White Spring Game is closing in.  Today, the team practiced under a bright sun and rising temperatures -- which were welcome given the wet, chilly spring to date.

A few days ago, on Saturday, the team went through scrimmage activities inside Jerry Richardson Stadium. 

August is still five months away, but seeing the team in action inside the stadium makes Year Two feel a whole lot closer.   This coming Saturday it will feel closer, still.

Today's is a regular practice, back at the practice fields, with full pads on.

Drills, running routes, technique.  Hustle, sweat and loud voices.

Saturday, spring practice will end with the annual Spring Game, at 12 noon in Jerry Richardson Stadium.

Like today, there may be a bright sun and rising temperatures, which will ring truer than the weather of the past few weeks.  And like today, there will be plenty of hustle, sweat and loud voices.

In four days and again in about four months, fans will see the fruits of these labors.  They'll see a team take the field with enthusiasm, energy and effort and discipline, organization and a purpose.

Spring practice sounds informal. Spring practice sounds like fun in the sun. Spring practice sounds like the off-season. 

But out here on the practice field, as the team bursts from huddle to attack the first drill and races, sweat dripping, to the next there is nothing informal about the activities or the effort.

It may be spring. There's finally sun.  And yes, it may be fun.  But make no mistake.  This is about hustle and sweat.

And a reminder that getting better takes no off-season.

Saturday's Spring Game will be the final day of spring practice.  The Green-White Spring Game will begin at 12 noon at Jerry Richardson Stadium. 

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