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Charlotte Announces '49ers Football Now' Series

The Charlotte 49ers are happy to announce the launch of "49ers Football Now: Countdown to Kickoff", an exclusive, in-depth documentary video series that will capture and highlight the events of Charlotte 49ers football leading up to the inaugural kickoff in 2013. The monthly series will be produced by the Charlotte 49ers video production staff and give Niner Nation insider access to players and coaches as they prepare for the historic first game vs. Campbell August 31, 2013.

"This is an exciting project -- and an important project for us," said 49ers Director of Athletics Judy Rose. "'49ers Football Now' will allow us to document an historic period in the development of our university and our athletic program. We are all enjoying watching our football program come to life and through this series we can share each step with all of Niner Nation. We are looking forward to each episode and I know our fans will, as well."

"We are extremely excited about the opportunity to document a once-in-a-lifetime experience," said Executive Producer AJ Mead. "This is the first time our department has attempted a video project of this size, but I think we can deliver high-end programming the our fans really want and have never seen before."

"49ers Football Now: Countdown to Kickoff" will air the first weekday of every month starting in September. The series will span 13 episodes, each running approximately 15 minutes in length.

You can watch "49ers Football Now: Countdown to Kickoff" every month on, and the Charlotte 49ers Official Youtube Channel. Viewers can also see the show on Time Warner Cable Channel 22 every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30pm and 7:30pm.

Fans can purchase FSLs to guarantee their seats for the inaugural 2013 football season by calling the 49ers ticket office at 704-687-4949 or log on here.

49ers Football Now: Countdown to Kickoff

Episode 1- Sept. 4

Episode 2- Oct. 1

Episode 3- Nov. 1

Episode 4- Dec. 3

Episode 5- Jan. 7

Episode 6- Feb. 1

Episode 7- March 1

Episode 8- April 1

Episode 9- May 1

Episode 10- June 3

Episode 11- July 1

Episode 12- Aug 1

Episode 13- Sept 2

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