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Epiphany Woodson is the 49ers' leading returning scorer.
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Catching Up With Epiphany Woodson

Senior guard Epiphany Woodson recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office and talked about her summer and the upcoming season. Last season, Woodson became one of only 17 players in school history to record 100 assists (109 assists) in a season.  She finished the season second on the team in scoring at 12.1 points per game.

How's your summer been going? Woodson graduated last May with a degree in Sociology
My summer has been great. I went to Jamaica, while there we traveled the entire island; we spent most of our time in Negril which is a resort town. We also went to Kingston and Port Antonio. I had great vacation.

Are you taking classes over the summer?
I'm taking my first graduate classes right now. I am working on a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies. I'm taking a class right now called New Media General Culture Technology. I am actually excited to go to class everyday because of the nature and content of the class. I'm trying to get as much class time out of the way before the season rolls around.

You were a very big part of the 49ers great season last year, how did that feel?
Last year was the first time I was every part of a winning season during my college career. Last season was an amazing experience. Even though we didn't make the NCAA Tournament, I think once you miss your ultimate goal, you should try to reach the one right below it. The next best thing was to win the NIT and we came very close to reaching that goal by making the Final Four. It was an amazing feeling to go on that run. This year, our goal is to capture the A-10 championship and make the NCAA Tournament.  

Now that Shannon McCallum and Kendria Holmes have graduated, where do you think your role will be on the team?
My role is to lead this team to a championship, period, and that is what I want to do. I not only want to lead us to a championship but to compete everyday and strive for consistency and hope for perfection. I plan on filling Kendria's shoes and I know my teammates will step up and fill Shannon's shoes because she contributed so much to this program over the four years that she was here. I am definitely ready for the challenge; I have already started my leadership role. I know I won't do it on my own; I have the help of Coach Consuegra and the rest of the staff and my teammates.

Do you think you will play more point guard this year?
I think I will play a lot of both guard positions. I played point guard all my life; I have no problem playing either position. But I do expect to play a little more point this year. I know the roles and what it takes to win, having the ball in my hands and being the coach on the floor is something I relish.

Do you think you are going to try to attack the basket more this year than last year?
Oh yes, most definitely, the word that I have used thus far is that I am going to be relentless, and by that I mean, there will never be a time that I relax. I will try my best in practice, any scrimmage, any game, to give 100% in anything I do. Last year, I think that I found myself relaxing and being comfortable and not giving my 100% because I had Shannon and Kendria so if I wasn't doing everything I was capable of doing they picked up the slack for me but this year I plan on being relentless and being in attack mode every moment of the game.

Are you going to help the returning players in going through a coaching change?
Yes, I just remind them that it takes time because it's tough to lose a coach right after such a great season. This is my third coaching change in my college career (Woodson transferred to Charlotte after playing two years at the University of Miami) so I know what you have to do. You have to have an open mind in adjusting to the new staff so I'm definitely focused on helping the team adjust. It's going to be a process but we will keep everyone on the same page. I don't think we'll have any problems adjusting because of the similarities between the two staffs.

Is the class you are taking going to take up the rest of the summer for you?
No, it will be done August 9. I'll have a couple of weeks to relax and prepare for the upcoming season when school starts back on the 22nd.

What is your plan after next year?
I plan to continue to playing, as long as my body will allow me. I will go overseas and hopefully make some decent money doing plying basketball. I plan to go to the Final Four next spring and network. Hopefully after playing I can come back and coach or do something with the sport. I just want to stay in sports.

From last year to this year, what do you need to work on in your game?
I need to work on being more consistent. I know the fans saw nights where I played great but there were nights that I looked average. But more specifically, working on attacking the rim more and defensively, being more alert. The main thing is my defense. I think being able to be a great player is being able to be a force not only offensively, but defensively as well.

What are your personal expectations and team expectations?
For the team, we want to win the A-10 Championship and get to the NCAA Tournament and make it as far as possible. For myself, I want to have a great year, being efficient in every game, scoring, assists, rebounding, steals. I want to continue to keep my stats wherever they need to be to help this team win and to continue to be a leader.

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