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Seniors Epiphany Woodson and Katie Meador rotated writing a weekly...
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Women's Basketball Players' Blog

Women's basketball players seniors Katie Meador and Epiphany Woodson rotated writing a weekly blog about the season.


Sunday, February 26, 2012
By Katie Meador


Hey there Niner Nation,

We have gone through a rough patch the last four games but we are going to break it today when we face Richmond at 2 pm. This is our last home game of the year and it is also Senior Day. This will be the last game; Pip and I will play in front of all our friends, families and our fans. WE need all the support we can get to get the W and seal our seeding in the Conference Tournament. 

We have had some ups and downs this year but we are growing each and every day. Our one point loss in OT at Saint Louis was a huge killer but we played our hearts out and sometimes you just have to take the cards that you are dealt. No matter what seed we get in the tournament we will make a run and have a great showing because that is what Charlotte Basketball is all about. We have all the talent, strength, focus, and determination in the world as well as the conditioning that is much needed to make a run. 

Hope to see everyone at Halton Arena today. Come out and support!!!! Love y'all! 



February 7, 2011
By Epiphany Woodson

Hey Niner Nation,

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year as much as our team is. February is a very important month for NCAA basketball. As coach Karen would say, "February is a month where teams play themselves into tournaments or play themselves out of tournaments." We plan on playing ourselves into the A-10 and NCAA tournaments through our performance this month. We have two big games this week at Dayton and Duquesne. We're currently 7-2 in conference and feeling great about ourselves as we get on the road to play two tough teams.

Wish us luck Niner Nation and follow the games online if you can.



Tuesday, January 31, 2012
By Katie Meador

Hey there Niner Nation,


Hope everyone is doing well. The team and I just finished a long week of traveling. First we played on Wednesday at Fordham where we had a huge game beating them by 20. That was a very important and must win game for us since we came off a disappointing loss at home to St. Bonaventure. Coach Consuegra told us we needed to refocus and win because you don't ever want to have one lose turn into two which just starts a bad downward spiral. We ended up starting off a little slow but quickly picked it up and put the knife in. Everyone got to play and contributed in some form. That's always a great feeling to know that it was a whole team effort. But, shortly after we had to move on to the next task at hand which was playing Temple at their place. Two years ago we struggled playing there and allowed one of their players to score 42 on us. This was not something we planned to repeat.

This match up was key for us because it was between two teams with only one loss each, fighting for the number two spot in conference. Much to Temple's credit they came out swinging and got us down quickly within the first couple of minutes. From then on it was a grueling fight to come back, yet we did and got within four early in the second half but the basketball gods were not on our side for this one and we ended up losing by 10. In hindsight, this loss can be good for us because yesterday we came into the gym and got back to the basics; rebounding, getting lose balls, communicating, and pushing each other to be better.

Next up we have UMASS this coming Wednesday at 7. This is another case of us needing to shake off what happened on Sunday and take care of business on Wednesday and Saturday. Both of which are home games, so I hope y'all come out and support!

Until next time, Wear Green and Go Niners!



Monday, January 16, 2012
By Epiphany Woodson,

Hey Niner Nation,

 I know you all have been following our progress and are happy to see that we are now 3-0 in conference play. Our team is maturing and learning how to fight to win close games. Education day is this Wednesday as we take on an undefeated team in LaSalle, who just came off of a big win against Xavier. We hope to see a great turnout in Halton Arena as we are expecting over 6,000 kids to be in attendance.

Continue to be the sixth man that helps us win games Niner Nation! GO NINERS!

Friday, January 13, 2012
By Katie Meador

Hey there Niner Nation,

Sorry for the delay this week, we just started the spring semester this past Monday, and things have been a little hectic. Along with starting the spring semester we have won our first two conference games, one at home and one on the road. The first one was at Xavier, and if any of y'all are true Niner Nation fans you will know that we have not beaten Xavier since 2006. Not only did we beat them for the first time in six years we handed them their first conference loss in 29 regular season games.

 That was a great win on the road for our team because it was a back and forth game, where they would go on a run and then we would go on a run, until finally we pulled away with a big defensive stop by Ayanna Holmes and some huge offensive rebounds by Gabby, Jen and Amanda in the last minutes. After the game we had a day to recover and then we started school on Monday and had to prepare for Saint Louis to come in on Wednesday. Saint Louis is one of those teams that always give us a good game because in conference, every team is paired with another team, called a "travel partner". This means that they are the only team we play twice, once at our home and once at their place. The beginning of the game started off back and forth and we pulled away up by 12 and they came roaring back and got with in 2. We had to regroup and make some big stops and were lead by Pip's 21 pts. All her shots came at very timely moments when we needed something good to go our way. Unfortunately one of their players went down with a knee injury and I don't wish that on anyone. So hope she has a full recovery! With that win it put us at 2-0 in the Atlantic 10.

As I write this blog the team and I are currently sitting in the airport headed to play George Washington. The game is tomorrow at 2. Tune in and hear all the action. Looking for 3-0!!! LET'S GO!!!!

Until next time, Wear Green and GO NINERS!


Friday, January 6, 2012
By Epiphany Woodson

Hey Niner Nation,


I hope everyone's holiday was as awesome as mine. I got to spend a great amount of time with family and friends. To me, that is what the holidays are all about. As you all can see, we are on a two-game winning streak.  We are preparing for our A-10 opener at rival Xavier. I am very good friends with Special Jennings, who was Xavier's former point guard. She is in Finland playing professionally but she will be following the game. We will be sure to give her a show to watch! :-) Please continue to support is Niner Nation! We appreciate it! See you on the 11th against St. Louis in Halton Arena!

Epiphany Woodson


By Katie Meador
December 20, 2011

Hey there Niner Nation,

This past week has been filled with a whole lot of tests, papers, projects, more tests and more papers. That what the typical Graduate Students Finals week looks like. I can't tell you how happy I am to have that done and just be able to focus on basketball and getting our team out of this losing streak. This is my favorite part of the season because it gives us a breather from school and we can play and work on the things we need to get better. This time allows us to get a clear head before next semester starts and with that comes Conference play. 

At this moment we are all sitting at the airport in Columbus Ohio, flying back after suffering a hard loss. It was one of those games where we had nothing to lose and should have come out and played Charlotte Basketball but it just wasn't in the cards for us. We have to let that game go and keep grinding this season out. Good things come to those who work hard and wait. KEY WORD... WORK HARD!!! During the finals week that is all we did. We got back to the basics and that was why the lose was hard to take because I know how hard we have worked this week and we just couldn't put 2 and 2 together. We will get it though. We are not a losing team and have way too much tradition of winning to let this go on any longer. 

Next up we have North Carolina A&T, we all know this is an exciting rivalry game because they always bring all their fans and try to outdo NINER NATION, but little do they know they are going against the best fans in the world. So I'm asking all of y'all to come out and show them how NINER NATION works. Wednesday in Halton. See y'all there! 


P.S. Hope everyone has safe travels and Happy Holidays! 



Monday, December 5, 2011
By Epiphany Woodson

Hey Niner Nation,

I hope you all are doing well and getting prepared for another great Christmas Holiday. As for our team, we are spending almost all of our time preparing final essays, studying for final exams, and continuing to improve on the court. As many of you may know, we are unfortunately on a three-game losing streak and are currently finding our way back to winning. We took a tough two-point loss to the ACC's very own, Florida State University yesterday. However, we are not broken. We believe that game was a token of growth for our program and will prepare us for bigger wins down the road. After all, we still have a long season and a lot of basketball ahead of us. We play at home against UNC Wilmington this Wednesday, December 7th and are confident that we will break this losing streak. We hope to see you in attendance Niner Nation! GO NINERS!


By Katie Meador
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey there Niner Nation,

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break! While most were enjoying being at home with family and friends, we were hard at work. First we started our six day road trip at VCU, where we played in a tough physical game that ended with a 49er victory!!! Then the next day we had practice at VCU then got all dressed up to go to New York.

Once we landed in New York our coaches surprised us with tickets to go see a Broadway play. In honor of Jai Forney, the whole team and staff saw Spiderman, which was a high flying spectacular show. That was the first time myself and many if not all of my teammates had ever seen a show on Broadway. I am so grateful to our coaches and Judy Rose, our Athletic Director for allowing us that opportunity. I cannot thank you enough, because I know I will cherish that for the rest of my life. 

The next day was Thanksgiving and we had practice at Long Island University. Then we came back and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. At a hotel we all got to have turkey, ham, mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes, and corn. I can't say it was home cooking but I was thankful to be surrounded by my Niner family. I can't express to y'all how amazing they are and I am so thankful to have them in my lives. At the end of dinner Eric McCombs, our Director of Basketball Operations,set up a slide show of everyone's baby pics and we had to guess which pic went with which person. I hate to say it but Coach Cara's picture and Eric's picture I got totally wrong HA!!! Eric looked like a girl and Coach had a bowl cut!!! I think we all got that one backwards. 

Back to basketball though, we didn't do the greatest at the tournament but we did learn a lot about ourselves and we do have a lot to get better at. Which is not a bad thing going into the first week of December. No team wants to peek right now so it's good that some of our weaknesses were addressed and now we can learn and get better from them. 

Next up for us is Florida State on the road, UNCW at home and at Ohio State. Just have to keep working towards our goal and move on to the next! 

Until next time, Wear Green and Go NINERS!!! 

Also HUGE shout out to our Men's Soccer team who defeated the defending National Champions Akron in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament to move to the Elite 8!!!!! It's an amazing thing for all fans of the 49ers!!! Congrats Boys!!! Do work at UCONN!!!

Katie Meador


Wednesday, November 16, 2011
By Epiphany Woodson

Hey Niner Nation,

 Well, we've rolled the balls out, the lights are on, and it's time to rock and roll! I hope you're as excited as we are! If you missed the action, we beat Presbyterian and Arkansas State in two hard fought games this past weekend, leaving us with a record of 2-0! Sounds great to me! We head to Virginia Tech tomorrow to play another tough game and go for another win. On behalf of our team and coaches, we would like to thank you all for the great support you showed this weekend. Keep it up Niner Nation! We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday in our game against Elon. If you didn't know, Charlotte Smith, who is a Chapel Hill alum and also a WNBA vet is now the new head coach at Elon so be sure to catch that game to see two new head coaches go at it. See you then Niners!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011
By Katie Meador

Hey there Niner Nation,

SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!! I can't believe this is my last first game of the season coming up on Friday. It seems like just yesterday I was a lost freshman, trying to find my classes, making new friends, experiencing my first college practices and the atmosphere of being a Charlotte 49er.

This past week we had our first Exhibition game against Johnson C. Smith, which was exciting because it gave our fans an opportunity to see our team and see what we have been working on. It felt so good to finally put that jersey back on because for me it has been since last February, which was when I tore my ACL. So to put it on had a personal meaning for me. I can't wait until this Friday at 5 as we face Presbyterian, the men play after us at 7:30. This is a great opportunity for fans of both teams to see our first games.

Not only do we play this Friday, but we also play Sunday at 2 and then we are on the road at Virginia Tech next Wednesday. So we have a big three-game stretch and need to get back to preparation for them. Hope to see y'all out in the stands this weekend!!



Wednesday, November 2, 2011
By Epiphany Woodson

Hey Niner Nation,

 Your senior guard Epiphany Woodson here! I hope all of you are doing well as I hope you are preparing to attend our exhibition game this Saturday in Halton Arena at 7:00 against our Charlotte rival, Johnson C. Smith. Really quick, I'd like to take this time to let you guys know our team is really improving every day. Practices have been very up-tempo, energetic, and challenging at the same time. We were fortunate enough to have well-know motivation speaker Felicia Allen come do a team building workshop with our team a couple weeks ago. Let me just say that it was extremely beneficial for our entire program. So continue to expect great things from our team this year! See you Saturday!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011
By Katie Meador

Hey there Niner Nation!

Wow, what a fun filled week we just had! First we started it off with Basketball Madness last Thursday, and if you have never been to one, you are missing out! Imagine the NBA All-Star festivities but for college. There was this huge stage where each player for the men's and women's teams got to come out and give the crowd a little piece of each player's personality. Some of my teammates were pretty funny. Amanda, Dez, Olivia, and Ayanna all wore sunglasses and when they were each announced showed the students how the 49ers dance. 

After the announcements of the players there was a dance some of the men and women's team were picked to be apart of. To represent our team it was Olivia, Jai, Gabby and myself, our dance team choreographed this dance so we didn't look too crazy out there. Not going to lie, I had a really fun time being twirled around and serenaded by some of the men's team. After the dance team there was a skills challenge with two teams each with two men's and women's players. Ny and Ayanna beat Hillary and Amanda but there were no hard feelings after. But don't think that was all that happened, oh no then there was a game of horse between both teams, which the men won only by a half court shot. There was a dunk contest between the men's players and to be honest I think I witnessed the most AMAZING dunk ever! One of the men's managers was a former soccer player and did this kick flip right on target for Javarris Barnett to dunk it! The whole crowed went crazy!!!

After madness, a couple days later we held our annual Fan Day last Saturday, where all fans get to come watch a 20-minute scrimmage between both teams. We scrimmaged our practice guys and won by 4 or 6 points but it was a great time watching our young freshmen soak it all in. It's crazy to think that was me just three years ago, man time has flown by. After the scrimmages there was an autograph session and a clinic for the young kids to participate in.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011
By Epiphany Woodson

Greetings Niner Nation!


First, I'd like to thank all of our fans and supporters for a great season last year. My fellow teammates and I deeply appreciate your loyalty to our program. In each of the blogs I construct, I will seek to provide you all with a fairly recent interesting event or occurrence that has happened within our family that we would love for each and every one of you to know about.

As my first fun fact, I would like to express to you all how humorous it has been to see Ny Hammonds' new style of hair that she has adopted for the past few practices. To our young fans, you will love the two pig tails that Ny is now wearing. Sometimes, she wears one higher on her head and the other one lower, which makes it even more humorous. All the while, Ny plays extremely hard in practice and is not seeking to cause a comedy or fashion show with her hair. Ny's tendency to wear her hair in pig tails serves as one example of just how much personality our team possesses this year. We are one on the court but we are colorful in our personalities off the court. Maybe one game we will convince Ny to show Halton Arena her pig tails as I am sure she will be more than happy to do so. Maybe we will win in the name of Ny's pig tails :-)

Thanks Niner Nation and I hope to see you at all of our games this season!


Epiphany "Pip" Woodson #32

Thursday, October 13, 2011
By Katie Meador

Hey there NINER NATION, it's that time of year again, BASKETBALL SEASON!!!! I can't wait for our first game to come on Nov. 11 against Presbyterian. But before all the hoopla about that, our team has gone through a tough preseason to prepare us for this upcoming year. We are under a new coaching staff but that doesn't mean we have changed our core philosophies of how Charlotte basketball plays. You will still see us push in transition, play lock-up defense and fundamental team basketball.

For the first time this year we went through "Boot Camp" which consisted of four days of two-a-days, waking up at 5 am having a practice then coming back later that day and doing another agility workout or running workout. Our coaches did this for us so that we would know that if we could get through the grueling workouts we would be able to do anything. They made them difficult so that we could become mentally tougher and come together as a team. I swear the first workout we had was straight out of a scene from a movie. We were flipping tires, carrying each other on our backs, walking with chains, doing agility drills, and get this, we were doing all of this in the pouring rain! I really felt like we were on Remember the Titans or some other crazy sports movie. HA!

I can't wait to see all of y'all at Niner Madness next Thursday (October 20) because you will get a sneak preview of both the men's and women's teams. Also you might get to see some of us dancing..... But keep that a secret ;)

Until next time..


Katie Meador

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