1st Quarter Participants


The Charlotte 49ers are excited to announce the start of a new program called "Reading with Norm". This incentive-based reading program is designed to encourage kids to read throughout the year.

Eligible Participants:
Local schools grades K-5th.

Each student needs to read a minimum of 10 age appropriate books each quarter. The student must record these books on the bookmark provided to them by the Charlotte 49ers. At the conclusion of each quarter, the bookmark should be mailed to the Charlotte 49ers. All students who successfully complete the challenge each quarter will receive two complimentary tickets to a Charlotte 49ers athletics event and will also have their name listed on the soon to be designed website.

Program Specifics:
For the 2012-13 school year there will be four quarters. A separate bookmark will be provided for each quarter and will need to be mailed to us at the conclusion of each quarter.
1st Quarter: Aug. 27-Oct. 26 / Mail completed bookmarks by Nov. 9
2nd Quarter: Oct. 29- Jan. 18 / Mail completed bookmarks by Feb. 1
3rd Quarter: Jan. 21-March 28 / Mail completed bookmarks by Apr. 11
4th Quarter: March 29-June 7 / Mail completed bookmarks by June 21

1st Quarter: 2 GA tickets to select men's basketball game/recognition at game
2nd Quarter: 2 GA tickets to select women's basketball game/recognition at game
3rd Quarter: 2 GA tickets to select baseball game/recognition at game
4th Quarter: 2 GA tickets to men's or women's soccer home opener in fall 2013/recognition at game

Students who complete 2 quarters will receive a Charlotte 49er pencil and those who successfully complete 4 quarters will receive a Charlotte 49er folder.

Schools- Two schools will be awarded a visit from Norm the Niner and some 49ers student-athletes and coaches. Details of the visit will be determined with the winning schools.

  • School with highest percentage of student participation after completion of 2nd quarter.
  • School with the highest average number of books read per student for the 2012-13 school year (all 4 quarters).

*Please note, in the event of a tie, the winning school will be randomly selected from those schools which are tied.

To participate in the Reading with Norm program, please return a completed participation form to Kelli Eklund via e-mail at or fax to 704.687.5273.