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Charlotte 49ers Study Hall Policies

The Athletic Study Hall Program is designed to provide a structured study environment leading to academic success for Charlotte student-athletes. Six (6) hours are required per week. Those required to be in Study Hall are:

· All new freshmen and incoming transfers.

· All continuing student-athletes with a cumulative grade point average below a 2.30.

· All continuing student-athletes with a previous semester grade point average below a 2.0

Note: Student-athletes who earn a grade point average of a 2.6 or higher in two consecutive semesters (not summer sessions) will be excused from study hall for the subsequent semester.

Study Hall hours must be completed by 12:00 Noon every Friday. All Study Hall hours must be earned in the AAC. The exception is hours awarded by the coach for team travel. Student-athletes that earn more than six (6) hours in a week will have those extra hours placed in his/her bank. No more than two (2) hours from that bank may be used to satisfy the six (6) hour requirement in any given week. This means no matter how many hours you may have in the bank you must earn at least four (4) new hours every week. Failure to complete study hall hours by 12:00 Noon pm on Friday will result in a Study Hall violation.

*NOTE: A violation will occur and no hours will be awarded if a student-athlete is signed in during their class times.*

In order for Study Hall hours to be earned you must be checked into the AAC. If you are not checked in and out properly you will not receive credit for your time spent in the AAC.

Penalty Structure:

1st violation - the student is required to earn ten (10) new hours the following week

2nd violation - the student will miss their next scheduled competition and is required to earn ten (10) new hours the following week.

Violations include, but are not limited to, not completing their six (6) hours of study hall per week, or checking into Study Hall -- leaving -- then returning to sign back out.

All student-athletes in Study Hall are required to meet with their Athletic Academic Advisor once a week. Each meeting will last approximately 15 minutes. Student-athletes are to be prepared for the meeting and be ready to report on all academic activities that have occurred during the preceding week. The respective coach will be notified when a student-athlete misses a scheduled meeting. On the third missed appointment, the Director of Athletics will be notified and the student-athlete will miss their next scheduled athletic competition.

Study totals are posted daily on student-athlete's ACS page. Any challenges of the posted times must be made within the day they are posted. Challenges must be made by email to the AAC Director.

Note: Departmental Study Hall rules are the minimum requirement for all student athletes. Team rules may be higher than those listed above; your coach will go over those with you.

Advisor/Team assignments:

Lisa Hibbs:
Football (Defense), Softball

Mark Verburg:
Football (Offense), Men's Tennis

Rachel Ramey:
Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis, Golf

Lauren Pendleton:
Baseball, Softball, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer

Kiara Crutchfield:
Volleyball, Men's Track/XC, Women's Track/XC

Approved Opportunities for Earning Study Hall Hours:

Tutorial Sessions

Appointments are made by logging onto Tutor Trac and selecting Athletic Academic Center on the list of tutoring centers. All appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and must take place in the AAC unless prior approval is granted from the Tutor Coordinator.

Study Halls During Travel

Coaches may hold Study Hall sessions either by providing a designated study van, or by arranging for study rooms at the hotel. If desired, assistance with arranging study rooms on other campuses will be provided by the Director. Coaches will keep track of all study hall travel hours and email those hours to their respective advisor by Monday.


Clean up after yourself or risk losing the ability to bring food and drink into the center.


Do not take or place any phone calls while in the center. 



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