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Admission to all other regular season home, varsity athletic events is Free, unless noted otherwise.  For post-season ticket information, click here.

Periodically, other events will be available for sale, like concerts in Halton Arena/Barnhardt Student Activity Center.  For those upcoming events, visit

General Information

Charlotte 49ers Athletic Ticket Office
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Phone 704-687-4949
Fax 704-687-5328

8:00am to 5:00pm; Monday - Friday 
Special Holiday hours may apply.

Main Location:
The Charlotte 49ers Athletic Ticket Office is located in the bottom level of the Halton Arena/Barnhardt Student Activity Center clock tower. Physical Location (via Google Maps)

Game Day:
The ticket office and gates will open one hour and a half before the start of Men's Basketball and Football games.
For all other sports, the ticket office or gates will open one hour before game time.

Payment Methods:
At Dale F. Halton Arena - Cash, American Express, Mastercard & Visa

At Jerry Richardson Stadium - Cash, American Express, Mastercard & Visa
At Robert & Mariam Hayes Stadium - Cash, American Express, Mastercard & Visa
At all other venues - Cash only

Non-Ticketed Sports (FREE admission during regular season):
Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field, Golf, Men's & Women's Tennis and Softball


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