Student Tickets

Click, the official ticketing site of Charlotte 49ers Students, to REQUEST & CLAIM your Football, Men's Basketball or Baseball ticket.


UNC Charlotte students are eligible to receive a FREE ticket for each regular season home game on campus, based on availability.  Continue reading below to learn more on securing your ticket for 49ers Athletic Events.  For up-to-date game schedules, click on SCHEDULES in the menu bar above.


*2014-2015 Charlotte 49ers Online Student Ticketing
(procedures subject to change)

Students MUST utilize the online ticketing process for football and men's basketball tickets at (you will be redirected to a separate website where your 800# is your User ID and the initial password is guest). If you have questions, email or call the 49ers Ticket Office at 704-687-4949.

New for 2014-2015!  This year, students will not have to print a game ticket for football. Instead each student will load their student ID with a game ticket by following the REQUEST & CLAIM phases. These online phases are the same as last year.

FOOTBALL - after REQUESTing & CLAIMing your ticket, your Student ID will be loaded with your student ticket. Therefore, you will only need to bring your Student ID to the Student Gates 4 & 5 for entry. You DO NOT print your student ticket for football games, though guest tickets will still need to be printed so your guests can enter.

MEN'S BASKETBALL - use the same REQUEST, CLAIM & PRINT phases as last year prior to each basketball game.

The short tutorial video below shows the intitial REQUEST phase, but remember to complete the additional CLAIM step to finalize the process and load your game ticket to your ID.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I get my student ticket?

How do I get Niner Nation Loyalty Points?

How can I find more student ticketing information?

How can I help or give input on student ticketing?

How can I join Niner Nation Gold? 

How do I get my student ticket?

The athletic department utilizes a dedicated student ticketing website which provides access to tickets and priority seating for the most loyal students of Niner Nation.  Students are rewarded with Niner Nation Loyalty Points (NNLPs) for their attendance through established policies and procedures. 

For the following sports, all students are asked to visit the Official Ticketing Site of Charlotte 49ers Students at and sign-in to utilize their personal ticketing account. Your User ID will be your 800#.

- FOOTBALL at Jerry Richardson Stadium. You MUST follow these for online student ticketing:
   1) Request your ticket (opens approx. 6 days before each game)
   2) Claim your ticket (48 hours after your request)
   3) If done properly, your Student ID will be loaded with your game ticket. Simply present your Student ID at the Student Gates for entry. 

This is the best opportunity to acquire a student ticket for football. Visit for more details and to ensure you have properly secured a ticket prior to each game.

- MEN'S BASKETBALL in Halton Arena.  Follow the 3 phases of online student ticketing:
   1) Request your ticket (opens approx. 5 days before each game)

   2) Claim your ticket (48 hours after your request)
   3) Print your ticket (immediately after claiming ticket) 
Note: if you forget to request & claim your ticket, you can sign-in to print a Door 3 ticket up until tip-off or bring your Student ID to Door 3 of the student entrance (tickets based on availability).  Tickets picked up at the student entrance will not be awarded a loyalty point.  For questions, call 704-687-4949. 

- BASEBALL at Hayes Stadium. Simply reserve and print your ticket for entry at the stadium which will provide a Niner Nation Loyalty Point. Also, be sure to bring your student ID as it is required with your ticket. Student tickets may be available at the stadium ticket office by presenting ID; however a loyalty point will not be awarded through this method.

For the following sports, simply present your University Student ID at the respective venue's ticket office beginning 1 hour before the start of the game:

MEN'S & WOMEN'S SOCCER at Transamerica Field

How do I get Niner Nation Loyalty Points?

49ers Students receive Niner Nation Loyalty Points by attending various varsity sporting events throughout the year.  These NNLPs will help gain better seating opportunities and ticket access for highly demanded sporting events.  Students are eligible to receive a Niner Nation Loyalty Point if they attend a game and get their ID or ticket scanned (follow the rules above for which item to be scanned), as long as the ticket is used up by the following times. 

- Men's & Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball - by the beginning of halftime 
- Volleyball - by the end of game 2
- Baseball - points are awarded for tickets scanned from online printing.  
- Men's Basketball - points are awarded for tickets scanned from online printing.  

Earn extra NNLPs by joining NINER NATION GOLD.  Students interested in joining Charlotte's student booster club and earning 8 extra NNLPS with many other benefits, may join or renew their membership at Niner Nation Gold Sign-Up.  Visit Niner Nation Gold for more information.

How can I find more student ticketing information?

For more student ticketing & loyalty point policies visit the Official Ticketing Site of Charlotte 49ers Students at, call 704-687-4949 or email

How can I help or give input on student ticketing?

You can always call 704-687-4949 or email  Additionally, if you are interested in helping to identify the needs of students and assist with promoting the ticketing policies, consider joining the Student Ticketing Committee.  This partnership between students and the athletic department provides a channel of communcation to gain feedback, provide creative ideas and improve Niner Nation.  If interested, call 704-687-4949 or email

Note: NNLP rankings and special ticketing instructions may be placed on this page throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to visit and this page regularly.