Green & White Spring Game Parking - April 5, 2014
Parking for the spring game is available beginning at 9am Saturday, April 5 on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please note that no grilling is permitted in decks. View Map

FSL account holders may park in either the Gold Ellipse Lot 23, Green CRI 3, Green CRI 2, Black Union Lots 18/19 or Orange CRI Deck.  To access the lots, please use the following entrances:

- To access the Gold Ellipse Lot 23, Green CRI 3 or Green CRI 2 lots please enter campus from Hwy 29 at Institute Circle (across from Kohl’s).

- To access the Black Union Lots 18/19 please enter campus from Mallard Creek Church Rd. at Mary Alexander Road.

- To access the Orange CRI Deck please enter campus from Hwy 29 at JW Clay Blvd.

Season ticket holders and single game purchasers may park in the Orange CRI Deck. To access the Orange CRI Deck please enter campus from Hwy 29 at JW Clay Blvd.

ADA/Wheelchair accessibility parking is available in the Orange CRI Deck. To access the Orange CRI Deck please enter campus from Hwy 29 at JW Clay Blvd.
The policies below pertain to scheduled varsity athletic events only (excluding football). For regular campus parking hours, policies and more information, please visit the UNC Charlotte Parking and Transportation Services site.
Hours:  Parking is Free (excluding football game days) in designated athletic parking spots 1½ hours before the scheduled start time, until 1 hour after the completion of each athletic contest. 
Locations:  Fans may park in marked parking spaces within the lots & decks labeled in yellow on the map below and must obey all traffic laws.  Do not park on curbs, grass areas or walkways.  Also do not park in handicap accessible parking spots without a permit. 
In all instances, should any lot fill to capacity, proceed to the next available option which is indicated on the athletic facilities parking map shown below. Additionally, directional parking signs and/or staff member(s) when available may direct you to the next closest parking area.
Your support and patience is appreciated during the continued growth of campus.  More information can be found below the map.  Please enjoy your visit with the Charlotte 49ers! 

Opposing Team Bus (All Sports)
The game manager or 49ers event staff for your particular sport will direct you to your designated parking area. If you are directed to a parking lot, please move bus to portion of lot furthest from the field of play to allow fans as many open spaces as possible.

Dale F. Halton Arena (Basketball & Volleyball)
Parking is available in the Cone and West Decks per the indications below:

Men's Basketball games - The Cone Deck is ONLY available for vehicles displaying an Athletic Foundation Parking Permit. Access for other event fans is in the West Deck via the entrance near Memorial Hall, formerly known as Brocker Health Center.  Note the Union Deck beside the Student Union may be used for overflow parking. 

Volleyball & Women's Basketball games - Parking is available in the West Deck via the entrance near Memorial Hall, formerly known as Brocker Health Center.

Belk Track and Field Center/Transamerica Field (Track & Field and Soccer)
Parking is available in the West Deck via the entrance near Memorial Hall, formerly known as Brocker Health Center.

DL Phillips Sports Complex/Robert & Mariam Hayes Stadium (Baseball and Softball)
- Monday through Thursday games - free parking is permitted in the CRI Deck or Lot 23 which is easily accessible from the North Tryon St./Hwy. 29 entrance.

- Friday through Sunday games - free parking is permitted in the CRI Deck, Lot 23, Union Deck or Lots 18 & 19 as well as the West Deck based on availability.

Click Baseball & Softball parking for a detailed map.

There is NO parking, standing, or unloading near the entrance to the Wells Fargo Fieldhouse (previously Wachovia Fieldhouse). Please keep traffic flowing and proceed to your designated parking area.

Jerry Richardson Stadium & Judy W. Rose Football Center (Football) - the following applies to regular season games
For football game days, all campus parking will require a parking permit. The parking lots open 4 hours prior to kick-off.  All fans entering campus will need to park in designated parking areas via the following options:

- FSL and season ticket holders may purchase a season parking permit from the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Foundation by calling 704-687-4950.  Each permit will identify specific lot and required entry point of campus.

- To purchase single game parking permits, click Buy Football Parking Permits.

- For more detailed football game day parking information, visit

For non-game day parking, all Parking and Transportation Services policies apply for any special event or gathering unless specified otherwise to invited guests.

 Page updated 1/28/14, subject to change without notice.