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Welcome to Charlotte 49ers Sports Medicine. Out of the many facets of an Athletic Department, there are few programs more important than Sports Medicine. At Charlotte, our mission and commitment is to provide the highest quality health care while educating the student-athlete in good health practices and injury prevention.

All of our athletic training rooms here are Charlotte are staffed with BOC® Certified and North Carolina Licensed Athletic Trainers. Our staff includes four full time Certified Athletic Trainers supported by six Graduate Intern Athletic Trainers. This highly trained group of individuals provides injury recognition, acute injury care, emergency management, and injury rehabilitation while also providing education on injury prevention techniques.

At Charlotte, our Athletic Trainers develop relationships with student-athletes as individuals and have a comprehensive understanding of each athlete's medical backgrounds. Being fortunate enough to have a unique situation of one athletic trainer per team provides for an efficient and streamlined standard of care in the unfortunate event that an issue may occur. 

Head team physician and Director of Student Health Services, Dr. Robert Jones, along with the assistance from team orthopedists Dr. James Fleischli and Dr. Michael Dockery direct the healthcare of our athletic training staff. Other members of our sports medicine team include our team dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, registered dietitian, sports psychologist, physical therapist, and other healthcare specialists. All of these professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical services to our 380+ student-athletes.

Alongside our Sports Medicine staff, the Student Health Center provides medical care to all students including our student-athletes. A great working relationship between the two departments has been developed as a result of hard work and understanding of the unique needs and requirements of student-athletes. Any non-emergency medical event can be referred to the Student Health Center for further evaluation, laboratory work, X-Rays, or pharmacy needs and is conveniently located directly on campus.

Game Ready

All medical care for a student-athlete begins with the athletic trainer. They have specific training and knowledge for each sport allowing them to work closely with team physicians, coaches, strength/conditioning staff, and student-athletes to design workouts that will improve their athletic ability. More importantly, athletic trainers are able to evaluate student-athletes to identify conditions that may predispose them to injury then prepare and execute a plan to remedy the condition. Athletic trainers are in a unique position to provide care as they have a solid relationship with student-athletes before they ever have a medical issue. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of athletics.  If an injury does occur, our athletic trainers are present at all team activities both home and away. They are able to see it happen, immediately provide acute care, formulate and execute a rehabilitation plan to quickly and safely return the student-athlete to competition.

Charlotte Athletic Health Care Team  

  • Dr. James Fleischli, Team Orthopedic Physician - Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Men's & Women's Soccer, Men's & Women's Tennis
  • Dr. Michael Dockery, Team Orthopedic Physician- Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
  • Dr. Robert Jones, Team Physician/Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Ryan Danner, Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner
  • Drs. Joshua and Elizabeth Damesek, General Dentistry

Athletic Training Staff and Contact Information:
Sports Medicine
090 SAC
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223
Fax Number: 704-687-3944


David Johnson Main Athletic Training Room:

Transamerica Track and Field Training Room:
  • Elizabeth Medlin, MS, LAT, ATC - Asst. Athletic Trainer, Cross Country, Track and Field
  • Jared Kennedy, LAT, ATC - Graduate Intern, Cross Country, Track and Field

Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex

  • Evan Kureczka, LAT, ATC - OrthoCarolina Outreach - Men's and Women's Tennis

Wells Fargo Field House:

Judy W. Rose Field House

  • A.J. Jukjanczuk, M.Ed., LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Football
  • Adam Jordan, LAT, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Football
  • Justin Walker, LAT, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Football

Mailing Address:
Charlotte 49ers Athletics
Sports Medicine
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223

Head Athletic Trainer
     Carlton L. Anderson, M.Ed., LAT, ATC (M. Basketball)
     704-687-1056 (office)
     980-253-4943 (cell)
Head Athletic Trainer
     A.J. Lukjanczuk, M.Ed., LAT, ATC (Football)
     704-687-1829 (office)
     336-266-4651 (cell)

Assistant Athletic Trainer                        
     Alda Burston, MEd, LAT, ATC (W. Basketball)
     704-687-1057 (office)
     850-766-7287 (cell)

  Assistant Athletic Trainer                     
     Elizabeth Medlin (Track & Field/Cross Country)
     704-687-0431 (office)
     704-999-0633 (cell)

Graduate Assistant Trainers                        
Jared Kennedy, ATC (Track and Field/Cross Country)
     704-687-0431 (office)
     706-577-6130 (cell)
     Shogo Eguchi (Women's Softball)
     704-687-0725 (office)
     310-806-0978 (cell)
     Chris Clapton, ATC (Women's Soccer)
     704-687-1058 (office)
     252-532-5334 (cell)
     Regina Galloway (Volleyball)
     704-687-1058 (office)
     910-286-6490 (cell)
     Phillip Worts (Men's Soccer)
     704-687-1059 (office)
     954-439-2210 (cell)
     Ethan Eanes (Baseball)
     704-687-1830 (office)
     336-508-1861 (cell)

Visiting Team Info:

The Charlotte 49ers would like to welcome you to "The Queen City" Charlotte, NC.

Below you will find information that may be useful during your visit.  If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Physician coverage is provided for men's and women's basketball games and men's and women' soccer matches. For all other sports, a physician is on call. Visits to the hospital or doctor appointments may be arranged by contacting the athletic trainer for your sport.
You will be provided with all sideline necessities during competition and practices. If you have special treatment needs, or if your team will not be traveling with an athletic trainer please notify us in advance so that we may adequately staff ourselves to better care for your team.

Other Beneficial Information:
24 hour Walgreens Pharmacy                                  Rite Aid Drug and Pharmacy
704 547-8551                                                                   704 549-1593 (9am-9pm)
8538 N. Tryon St                                                               8532 University City Blvd
Charlotte NC 28223                                                              Charlotte NC 28223

OrthoCarolina-Urgent Care                                Carolina's Medical Center- Urgent Care
9848 N. Tryon Street                                                        5453 Prosperity Church Road
Charlotte, NC 28262                                                             Charlotte, NC 28262
704-323-2104                                                                           704-863-9930
M-F 5:30am-9pm; Sat/Sun. 10am-2pm                               8am-8pm 7 days a week
Carolina's Medical Center-University Hospital
8800 N. Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28262
704-548-6000 (Main)
704-548-5600 (Emergency Room)

Emergency Numbers

(On Campus)                      

Campus Police                                         704-687-2200
Student Health Center                              704-687-7400
Athletic Training Office                              704-687-1058
University Hospital - 8800 N. Tryon St        704-548-6000 (main)
      Charlotte NC 28223                            704-548-5600 (ER)

(Off Campus)                       

Emergency                                         911
City Police Information                        704-336-2352
Sheriff's Department                           704-336-2453      
Charlotte's Chamber of Commerce        704-378-1300